Technology Leadership – Lubrication For Success

On July 18th, 2014, Le Hung Sao Mai Trading & Services Co., Ltd (LHSM) and Shell Vietnam Limited collaboratively organized a very successful conference “TECHNOLOGY LEADERSHIP – LUBRICATION FOR SUCCESS” at White Palace Convention Center, HCMC. There were the participation of 600 guests from leading companies in the industry and transportation as well as senior staff of Shell, including:
• Mr. Jens Sommer: Director of Global Technology
• Ms. Lee Ming Seow: Global Director of Shell Rimula Brand
• Mr. Melwyn D’Cunha: Sales Director (Grease) at Asia
• Mr. Jiangning Zheng: Product and global application expert
• Ms. Pamela Rose: Grease Specialist at Vietnam and Philippines
• Senior executive, sales staff, marketing staff and technical staff of Shell Vietnam

Completely different from all companies providing lubricants at Vietnam, LHSM operates with the motto “Saving for you is what we will prove when you use products and services provided by us” through investing in specialized equipment, skilled and experienced technical team, strong management system, inventory at level of 800,000 liters, logistic force with over 30 vehicles

Thanks to keening on operating with this motto, LHSM is trusted and chosen to be a lubrication solution supplier to thousands of customers for many years. LHSM is honored with the award “Distributor with the highest volume of Shell in 2013”

At the seminar, Mr. Nguyen Van Le Hung, Director of LHSM awarded the medal to technical team in recognition of valuable contribution to the company’s development. Besides, he committed to invest more in technical services to provide optimal solution to customers.

Because of this difference, Shell definitely trusted LHSM and collaboratively organized the seminar to launch innovative products, bringing many outstanding and impressive benefits to customers.
Mr. Nguyen Van Le Hung, Director of LHSM, said: “We share the value and important role in improvement for industries. We have invested in specialized equipment and technology to provide advanced solutions for our customers. It very core value sharing paves the way for long-term partnership with Shell. We are proud to support Shell to launch those advanced products in Vietnam market”.

LHSM rely on Shell as a strategic partner since both LHSM and Shell have same business orientation which always brings more and more benefits to customers.
To pursue this orientation, Shell invests USD 1.3 billion in technology annually. Shell has 6 R&D centers located in US, Germany, Holland, Japan, India and China.
According to Jens Sommer, global technology expert, Shell has established the relationship with more than 1,500 OEMs from Ferrari, Wartasila, Daimler, etc. Technical team of more than 550 expert work every day with thousands of customers around the world to help them understand product features, offer useful solutions. Mr. Jen Sommer added “Shell is currently a partner of leading companies in meeting challenges of technology, lubricant technology expertise and apply it to solutions for customer’s benefits.
With the constant effort, Shell is Oil and Gas Corporation having largest market share in the world for 7 consecutive years from 2007 to 2013.

In addition, the conference was attended by representatives of news agencies and has been widely reported in newspaper and websites.